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The need for a refresh should not be viewed as a burden, but an opportunity. This space already had a strong layout with perfectly good furniture and wall paint. My main goal in modernizing the space was to let more natural light in. In order to do this I selected ivory linen curtains and an ivory textured rug. While the curtains still provide privacy, they let in ample natural light. By replacing the ceiling fan, I eliminated the need for a floor lamp. I also replaced the table lamp with a much more modern linen one. The client wanted a light pop of sage, which I balanced between plants and decorative accents. Small gold accents add dimension and elegance in contrast to the natural wood and linen textiles. Oversized fluffy pillows reinforce the cozy feel of the space and the large frame artwork fills the wall in a simply way. Keeping the colors light allows the natural light to reflect and make the room feel more open and spacious.


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