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Living in Manhattan means adapting to small spaces, but it doesn't mean they can't be beautiful spaces. For this room I chose an achromatic, contrasting color scheme of black and white. Though the room was small, the ceilings were quite high. In order to maximize on that, I included dramatic floor to ceiling black curtains to draw the eye up. Since this was a rental space, I could not alter the light sources. By including string lights at the top of the walls I was able to include mood lighting without altering the look of the space. Since a headboard was not used in this space, I included a corner collage of photos and quotes above the bed. I replaced the gold drawer pulls on the dresser to match those on the vanity/desk. Multipurpose furniture is a great way to optimize on small spaces, especially when it includes storage such as this one. For the details in the room I took inspiration from it's location in NYC and the client's love of fashion.

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