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2020-05-19 15.21.11.jpg

The goal for this bedroom was to create a luxurious and sleek space. I chose an achromatic color scheme, but used textures to keep the room from falling flat. Using chrome, silver, and crystal elements elevated the design by giving it a glamorous, feminine feel that worked perfectly. This room gets amazing sunlight, so I chose a light grey paint on the walls and used darker grey for the bedding and other elements. The white furniture spreads the light around the room and the crystal knob detailing really ties in the look. I included floor to ceiling curtains to draw the eye up and make the room feel more spacious. I included this mandala inspired mirror, which was an upcycling project of mine. Placing this above the beautifully detailed headboard created a focal point, while the mirror adds dimension to the room. The finer details in the room lend themselves to the glamorous theme with nods to fashion and royalty. 


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